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    1. Dyslexia Problems and Solutions edited

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Welcome to a comprehensive workshop designed for parents, teachers, and professionals seeking in-depth knowledge and effective solutions for dyslexia. Led by Dr. Erica Warren, an expert in educational therapy, this course provides a clear view into the complex world of dyslexia—an often misunderstood learning difference. Gain a thorough understanding of dyslexia, explore its types and subtypes, recognize its symptoms, and learn strategies to support and empower individuals with dyslexia.

Course Highlights:

  1. Defining Dyslexia: Begin by gaining a clear understanding of what dyslexia is and how it impacts individuals. 

  2. Exploring Dyslexia Types: Investigate the different types of dyslexia, including acquired (deep and surface), developmental (primary and secondary), and gifted (2E and Stealth). Understand the unique characteristics of each type.

  3. Subtypes Unveiled: Explore further with an examination of subtypes within dyslexia, such as phonological, rapid automatic naming, double deficit, dysphonetic, dyseidetic, and Alexis/mixed. Gain insights into how these subtypes manifest and affect learning.

  4. Recognizing Symptoms: Learn to recognize the symptoms of dyslexia, which can manifest in various ways. Understand the challenges and strengths of individuals with dyslexia.

  5. Supporting Students with Dyslexia: Discover effective strategies for assisting students with dyslexia, including screenings and assessments, multisensory teaching methods, remediating cognitive weaknesses, and providing social and emotional support and advocacy.

  6. Effective Support Strategies: Explore a range of support strategies, from learning to use visualization to remedial reading approaches, writing and spelling methods, study strategies, memory enhancement techniques, and the role of technology.

  7. Dyslexia Products: Dr. Warren will introduce you to a selection of dyslexia products and resources designed to facilitate learning and provide additional support.

Empowerment Through Knowledge:

Whether you're a parent seeking to better understand your child's needs, a teacher striving to support students in the classroom, or a professional aiming to provide valuable assistance, this workshop equips you with the knowledge and tools to navigate dyslexia effectively.

Don't miss this professional opportunity to join Dr. Erica Warren on a journey of discovery and empowerment. Enroll in the workshop today and unlock the key to understanding, supporting, and empowering individuals with dyslexia.