Course Description

Over the years, I have had enormous success teaching discouraged and struggling writers. Now, I'm happy to share my approach with you! Teaching Writing Skills - A Structured and Multisensory Approach is a comprehensive course for teachers, parents, and tutors that shares my own dynamic method for students in elementary, middle, and high school. The course offers video instruction and demonstrations as well as free downloadable games and handouts. In fact, I give you $35 of free publications from Good Sensory Learning. Finally, I implement and integrate a number of amazing technology tools that keep the process highly organized, and I walk you through the process.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    A Video Overview

    • Welcome to the Course

    • Teaching Writing Video Overview

  • 2

    A Scaffolding Approach

    • A Scaffolding Approach - Developing the Needed Skills to Automaticity

    • 5Ws Detectives Elementary Writing Game

  • 3

    Why Use Google Docs

    • Why I Love Google Docs: The Tools and Tricks behind this Versatile Web-Based Software

    • Voice Typing on Google Docs

    • Google Docs Punctuation Voice Commands for Google Docs

  • 4

    Graphic Organizers and Writing Templates

    • Graphic Organizers Overview

    • Writing Course Graphic Organizers

  • 5

    The 5 Paragraph Essay

    • 3 and 5 Paragraph Essay Overview

    • 5 Paragraph Essay Prezi for Windows

    • 5 Paragraph Essay Prezi for Mac

  • 6

    Descriptive Writing

    • What is Descriptive Writing?

    • Show Don't Tell Descriptive Writing Game

  • 7

    Color Coded Writing

    • Color-Coded Writing: An Overview

    • Color Coded Writing Video Lesson

    • Color Coded Writing Student Handout

  • 8

    Writing with Google Keep

    • What is Google Keep and How Can I Sign Up?

    • Using Google Keep for Color Coded Writing and More!

  • 9

    Writing Research Papers: A Quick and Highly Structured Approach

    • What Online Technology Do I Suggest and Where Do I Go to Sign Up?

    • My 2016 Interview with the CEO of my Favorite Online Writing Tool

    • 1 - Sign Up Guide

    • Toolbar Guide

    • Online Demo of my Favorite Tool

    • 2022 Update on my favorite research tool

  • 10

    DBQ and Thematic Essays - Learning the Formula

    • The DBQ

    • The Thematic Essay

    • DBQ and Thematic Essay Handout

  • 11

    Other Writing Software That I Like

    • My favorite Outlining and Mind Mapping Software for Elementary Students - Video Produced by the Company

    • My favorite Outlining and Mind Mapping Tool for Older Students - Video Produced by the Company

    • Data Sheet from my Favorite Software Tool

  • 12

    Editing Written Language

    • Helping Students Improve their Writing with Editing Checklist and Other Writing Handouts

    • Editing Checklists for Elementary - High School

    • Using Text to Voice Technology for Editing

  • 13

    Other Writing Resources

    • Other Writing Resources

    • Other Helpful Writing Handouts: Thesaurus Activity and Transitional Word Handout

    • Mastering Literary Devices: Handouts, Activity and Game

  • 14

    A Comprehensive Workshop on Writing an Outstanding College Essay

    • Using this Resource: Writing the College Essay Workshop

    • 2015 Writing the College Essay Workshop

  • 15


    • Google Docs and Google Keep Update September, 2018


5 star rating

Scrible, Google Docs, Writing Games

Melissa Brown

I am so impressed with this course! I am already on brain overload with where to begin with the many online tools and ideas you have presented. I am excite...

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I am so impressed with this course! I am already on brain overload with where to begin with the many online tools and ideas you have presented. I am excited about incorporating all this information into my lessons. THANK YOU! Melissa Brown

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Learning Specialist, Educational Therapist, Author of Educational Materials and Course Creator

Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Erica Warren is an educational therapist, learning specialist, and executive functioning coach, but tells her students that she is much like a personal trainer for the brain and a magician because she offers fun exercises and tricks to make learning both fun and memorable. She is an avid blogger, vlogger, and podcaster and offers over 150 popular educational publications at Good Sensory Learning that include multisensory lessons, games, and activities for professionals and parents that help learners strengthen areas of weak cognition or academics while kindling a love for learning. She also presents teacher training courses and has a full-time practice in New York, Learning to Learn, where she empowers students of all ages to maximize their learning potential. Aspiring to empower “out of the box” learners, Dr. Warren created a degree program that united coursework and research in the fields of School Psychology, Special Education, Psychology, and Adult Education. With a full assistantship at the UGA Learning Disability Center in neuropsychological assessments, she pursued a doctorate that focused on life-long issues in learning, special education, the impact of learning difficulties across the lifespan, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. In addition, she earned a full assistantship with the National Science Foundation while working towards a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. Dr. Warren often refers to her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, “as my secret weapon, as it brings joy, color, and creativity into my sessions.”