Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Warren is the author and artist behind all the courses, resources and cognitive remedial tools at Learning Specialist Courses, Good Sensory Learning, and My Memory Mentor.

About Dr. Warren

For the past 25 years, Dr. Erica Warren has been at the forefront of educational transformation, blending her expertise as an esteemed educational consultant, therapist, executive functioning coach, and prolific author. Her academic journey, culminating in advanced degrees that united educational psychology, school psychology, special education, and coaching, set the stage for her pioneering contributions to the field.

At the heart of Dr. Warren's mission is her commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments that celebrate and accommodate neurodiversity. Her direct involvement in school consultations and personalized remedial work with students has been pivotal in creating and authoring multisensory lessons, innovative cognitive remediation tools, and comprehensive assessments designed to meet the varied needs of learners.

What truly sets Dr. Warren apart is her unwavering dedication to evidence-based practices. She invests considerable effort into researching each of her offerings, ensuring they are not only grounded in the latest educational theories but also proven to be effective through practical application. This meticulous approach has significantly enhanced the efficacy and impact of her products and resources.

Dr. Warren’s visionary work continues to empower an ever-expanding community of learners and educators, bridging gaps and fostering an environment where education is not just a process, but a transformative journey.

Explore Dr. Warren’s Many Platforms and Resources

  • Good Sensory Learning: This site offers dynamic, engaging, and research-backed cognitive remedial tools and multisensory lessons.
  • Learning Specialist Courses: This platform extends comprehensive training and online resources that are grounded in the latest educational research.
  • Learning to Learn: Dr. Warren's private practice, embodying her evidence-based, multi-processing teaching approach.
  • My Memory Mentor: This collaboration extends Dr. Warren’s research efforts, providing comprehensive digital assessments alongside 
  • The Executive Function Brain Trainer Podcast: This resources offers Dr. Warren’s expert advice and insights.
  • Dr. Warren's YouTube Channel: Here, Dr. Warren shares a variety of videos resources. 
  • Dr. Warren’s Blog: Dr. Warren shares a wealth of knowledge on topics related to learning, education, and research findings.
  • Dr. Warren's Newsletter:  Dr. Warren offers a monthly newsletter that offers news on new resources, promotions and more.