Executive Functions Resource Library

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How to Use Your Resource Library   

This resource library offers a wide selection of activities (over 650) that can exercise executive functioning and literacy skills. It is a comprehensive bank of activities that can be used with or without Dr. Warren's course: Developing Executive Functions & Study Strategies: A Comprehensive Approach.

Who Can Use This Resource?

This resource can be used by:

  • Learning specialists
  • Educational therapists
  • Speech and language pathologists
  • Teachers
  • Practitioners
  • Homeschoolers/parents

What is the Best Way to Use These Resources? 

You can use these resources with learners in online and in-person sessions. In addition, you can track student progress with the downloadable Session Notes Table and Activities Table found in Module 2.

Benefits of This Resource Library:

  • Access all the activities in one easy, accessible location.
  • Keep track of student progress with the downloadable resources found in Module 2.
  • Reduce the cost and clutter of printing and storing materials.
  • Minimize preparation time as all the materials are here and ready to go.

What Age Groups or Levels are Covered:

These resources offer games and activities for all age groups. 

  • Resources labeled elementary or beginners: These activities are ideal for elementary students (ages 6 to 11 years old), but they can also be used with older students that need to start with more concrete and easier activities and games. 
  • Resources labeled secondary, intermediate, or advanced: These activities were designed for older learners (11 through adult).  However, they can be used with younger students that are developmentally ready for more difficult content.
  • Unlabeled resources: These can be used with any age.

What is Included?

This subscription offers a total of over 650 activities. Each of these activities is located in the Activity, Game, and Task Card modules and is designated with an orange square 🟧.  Each module offers one of the following symbols

  • ✍🏽 The hand with a pencil represents session notes and activities table for student progress.
  • 📗 The green book represents interactive activities.
  • 🧠 The brain represents games that exercise the brain.
  • 💳 The card represents task card activities.

Within each module, color-coded boxes help you quickly find the needed materials.

  • 🟩  A green box represents an introduction to an activity or game. 
  • 🟨  A yellow box presents activity directions.
  • 🟧  An orange box offers activities or games.
  • 🟥  A red box helps you to locate any answer keys.

An Outline of the Activities

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    🎬 Module 1: Welcome to your resource library! START HERE

  • 2

    ✍🏽 Module 2: Keep Track of Student Progress

    • 🟩 How to Keep Track of Student Progress

    • ✍🏽 Session Notes Template

    • ✍🏽 Activities Table Template

  • 3

    📗 Module 3: Following Directions Activities

    • 🟩 Introduction to Following Direction Activities

    • 🟨 Directions: Follow the Directions and Draw

    • 🟨 Directions: What Am I?

    • 🟨 Directions: Maze Travel (Intermediate only)

    • 🟧 Primary: What Am I?

    • 🟧 Primary: Listen and Color

    • 🟧 Beginners Follow The Directions and Draw Activities

    • 🟧 Beginners What Am I? Activities

    • 🟧 Intermediate What Am I? Activities

    • 🟧 Intermediate Maze Travel Activity

    • 🟥 Following Directions Answer Keys

  • 4

    📗 Module 4: Working Memory Activities

    • 🟩 Introduction to Working Memory Games

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Beginners - Tell Me

    • 🟧 Beginners - Cross Out

    • 🟧 Beginners - Squiggle

    • 🟧 Intermediate - Tell Me

    • 🟧 Intermediate - Cross Out

    • 🟥 Working Memory Activities Answer Key

  • 5

    📗 Module 5: Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings Activities

    • 🟩 Introduction to Abstract Thinking and Multiple Meanings

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Concrete vs. Abstract Thinking

    • 🟧 Multiple Meanings

    • 🟧 Metaphors and Similes

    • 🟧 Sayings and Idioms

  • 6

    📗 Module 6: Making Inferences Activities

    • 🟩 Introduction to Making Inferences Activities

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Inferences in Ads

    • 🟧 Inferences in Store and Product Names

    • 🟧 Inferences in Slogans

    • 🟧 Inferences in Metaphors

    • 🟧 Beginners Word Clue Inference Game

    • 🟧 Intermediate Word Clue Inference Game

    • 🟧 Advanced Word Clue Inference Game

    • 🟥 Making Inferences Answer Key

  • 7

    📗 Module 7: E-Fun Activities

    • 🟩 Introduction to E-Fun Activities

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Elementary E-Fun Activities

  • 8

    🧠 Module 8: The Visualization Game

    • 🟩 Introduction to the Visualization Game

    • 🟨 Directions: The Visualization Game

    • 🟧 Beginners The Visualization Game

    • 🟧 Intermediate The Visualization Game

    • 🟧 Advanced the Visualization Game

  • 9

    🧠 Module 9: Memory Master Game

    • 🟩 Introduction to Memory Master Game

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Beginners Memory Master

    • 🟧 Intermediate Memory Master

  • 10

    🧠 Module 10: What's the Big Idea Game

    • 🟩 Introduction to Hey, What's the Big Idea Game

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Beginners Big Idea

    • 🟧 Intermediate Big Idea

    • 🟧 Advanced Big Idea

  • 11

    🧠 Module 11: Making Connections Word Puzzles

    • 🟩 Introduction to Making Connections Word Puzzles

    • 🟨 Directions

    • 🟧 Making Connections Word Puzzles

    • 🟥 Making Connections Scoring

  • 12

    💳 Module 12: Executive Functioning Task Cards

    • 🟩 Introduction to Executive Functioning Task Cards

    • 🟨 Directions

    • Elementary E-Fun W-Memory Task Cards

    • Elementary E-Fun I-Control Task Cards

    • Elementary E-Fun C-Flexibility Task Cards

    • Secondary E-Fun W-Memory Task Cards

    • Secondary E-Fun I-Control Task Cards

    • Secondary E-Fun C-Flexibility Task Cards


  • Can more than one person use this account?

    Please note that each purchase of this course is for a single practitioner, teacher, or family. Group or institutional discounts are available by contacting Dr. Warren: erica@learningtolearn.biz. Please note: If login information is shared with others, multiple IP addresses will be apparent and the subscription will be discontinued.

  • How can I preview the resource library?

    I offer a video on the top of this webpage that walks you through the website and gives you a sneak peek at the many resources.

  • Are the activities downloadable?

    This resource offers an organized and easy-to-access library of materials for both online and in-person sessions. As a result, the activities are not downloadable.

  • How can I keep track of each of my students?

    The resources library offers two downloadable tools that can help you keep track of student progress.

  • Do you offer answer keys?

    Many of the activities do offer downloadable answer keys.

  • How are the activities presented?

    All the activities are presented as slides and can be used on any computer, laptop, or tablet.

  • How can students interact with the activities?

    Some activities require the use of the Zoom annotation tool which can be used for online or in-person sessions. Simply start a Zoom session and you can access the annotation tool.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Your subscription will be active and will assess a yearly fee until you cancel it. You can cancel your own membership, from "My Account Billing." Just select "Cancel" for that subscription. When you cancel a membership, you will have access to the content until the next renewal or billing date.

Dr. Erica Warren

Learning Specialist, Educational Therapist, Author of Educational Materials and Course Creator

Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Erica Warren is an educational therapist, learning specialist, and executive functioning coach, but tells her students that she is much like a personal trainer for the brain and a magician because she offers fun exercises and tricks to make learning both fun and memorable. She is an avid blogger, vlogger, and podcaster and offers over 150 popular educational publications at Good Sensory Learning that include multisensory lessons, games, and activities for professionals and parents that help learners strengthen areas of weak cognition or academics while kindling a love for learning. She also presents teacher training courses and has a full-time practice in New York, Learning to Learn, where she empowers students of all ages to maximize their learning potential. Aspiring to empower “out of the box” learners, Dr. Warren created a degree program that united coursework and research in the fields of School Psychology, Special Education, Psychology, and Adult Education. With a full assistantship at the UGA Learning Disability Center in neuropsychological assessments, she pursued a doctorate that focused on life-long issues in learning, special education, the impact of learning difficulties across the lifespan, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. In addition, she earned a full assistantship with the National Science Foundation while working towards a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. Dr. Warren often refers to her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, “as my secret weapon, as it brings joy, color, and creativity into my sessions.”


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