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    Zoom Workshop with Dr. Erica Warren

    • Working Memory Workshop with Dr. Erica Warren

    • Working Memory Workshop: Downloadable Handouts

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Course Outline

  1. Working memory defined.
  2. Collecting the information for working memory
    1. Sensory input
    2. Sensory memory
    3. Short term memory
  3. Alan Braddeley's depiction of working memory
    1. Central executive
    2. Visuo-spatial sketchpad
    3. Phonological loop
    4. Episodic buffer
    5. Long term memory
  4. Alan Braddeley explaining the episodic buffer
  5. Why do we need our working memory?
  6. How executive functioning supports problems with our current model
  7. Working memory symptoms
  8. My executive functioning screener
  9. Benefits of a strong working memory
  10. Working memory across the lifespan
  11. Memory strategies and working memory
  12. Developing and strengthening working memory
    1. Using visualization
    2. Employing metacognition
    3. Accessing the inner-voice
  13. Good Sensory Learning products that develop working memory