Course curriculum

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    Visualization: The Secret Weapon to Learning Workshop

    • Visualization: The Secret Weapon to Learning Workshop

Course Outline

  • Visualization definition
  • How to use visualization to improve academic achievement
  • Obstacles that get in the way of visualization 
  • The use of visualization throughout history
  • A review of the 10 visualization skills:
    • What
    • When 
    • Size/color
    • Senses
    • Quantity
    • Relation
    • Position
    • Accessories
    • Action 
    • Reaction

  • Research on how visualization has a positive impact on academics
    • Reading
    • Writing
    • Memory
    • Other subject areas

  • Academic suggestions and solutions
  • Remedial tools and ways to strengthen visualization skills 

"I often call visualization my secret weapon for learning. It ignites imagination and makes instruction engaging, fun, and memorable. It's an essential skill required for a strong working memory - a cognitive processing area that's claimed to be a better gauge of academic success than one's IQ."

-Erica Warren