What is E-Fun: Executive Functioning Games for Groups and Classes?

E-Fun: Executive Functioning Games for Groups and Classes is a research-based approach to providing engaging, multisensory, and multi-processing games that develop and strengthen executive functioning (EF) skills. It is a flexible and fun method that can be used by:

  1. Mentors coaches, or therapists
  2. Teachers, learning specialists, or educational therapists:
    • Tier 1 instruction is for the general classroom and can be used as full lessons or shortened as brain breaks.
    • Tier 2 instruction is for support and prevention. It targets learning difficulties as soon as they arise.
    • Tier 3 instruction is for support and prevention. It offers aid for more chronic learning problems.

E-Fun is Entertaining:

E-Fun: Executive Functioning Games for Groups and Classes was designed to gamify difficult concepts to teach, such as listening, focusing, memory, emotional regulation, task switching skills, and more, while bringing delight to learning. It is crafted to work with children through adults. These games offer engaging community-building activities that can then be shortened into brain breaks that can accommodate any schedule.

Why Games? 

Bringing games into groups often activates joy and excitement in the learning process. These positive feelings are a result of dopamine, a neurotransmitter, being released in the brain. This not only creates a positive association with the learning process, but research also shows that dopamine improves one's motivation, working memory, episodic memory, and spatial learning (Kempadoo et al., 2016b).

What is the Format?

This publication was designed so that group or classroom implementation requires minimal preparation. Each activity in the publication offers the following:

  • Processing and cognitive benefits 
  • Clear objectives
  • Detailed scripts 
  • Debriefing and discussion questions 
  • Extension ideas 

The Research Behind E-Fun Class Acts

The science behind EF games is rooted in the study of cognitive psychology and neuroscience. Studies have shown that engaging in games that challenge and stimulate the prefrontal cortex can help improve EF skills and help create community in the classroom. In addition, research has shown that group games can have a positive impact on participants's working memory, cognitive flexibility, and inhibitory control. In general, memory, visualization, and inner voice games can help improve working memory. Games that require participants to inhibit their impulses, such as games that involve taking turns or following rules, can help improve their inhibitory control.  And games that require participants to think flexibly, such as those that involve problem-solving or strategy, can help improve their cognitive flexibility.

E-Fun Games Honors All Subtypes of Executive Functions

EF is responsible for many higher-level thinking skills, including planning, time management, and organization. However, at its core, EF can be broken into three foundational parts or skills. Understanding each of these components is vital to understanding how to use EF and improve your students’ academic performance and behavior.

The three main parts of EF are working memory, inhibitory control, and cognitive flexibility. I like to think of them as players or colorful characters that embody their names. I see them as the primary colors of cognition. Working memory is your memory working, and I envision it to be the vibrant and energetic color yellow. Inhibitory control is our ability to control our inhibitions, and I picture it as red. Like a red stop sign, we often need to curb our cravings and block distractions. Finally, cognitive flexibility refers to flexible cognition or thoughts. I imagine it to be much like the color blue— responsive waters that flow and constantly adapt to the rocky riverbeds.


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Course Curriculum

    1. Background, Mission, and More

    2. References

    1. EF Resources

    1. Game /Activity Tracker Printable Schedule

    1. My Morning Metaphor: Instructor Directions and Setup

    2. My Morning Metaphor: Participant Directions and Activity

    1. Snap and Clap: Instructor Directions and Setup

    2. Snap and Clap: Participant Directions and Activity

    1. Class Composer: Instructor Directions and Setup

    2. Class Composer: Participant Directions and Activity

About this course

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Course Checklist

  • Single payment for life-time access.

  • Clear information about EF skills exercised as well as the areas of processing addressed for each game.

  • Structured format with suggested scripts.

  • Large selection of games for all age groups.

  • Debrief and discuss questions as well as suggested extensions for each game.


Executive Functioning Coach, Educational Therapist, Author of Educational Materials and Course Creator Dr. Erica Warren

For the past 25 years, Dr. Erica Warren has been at the forefront of educational transformation, blending her expertise as an esteemed educational consultant, therapist, executive functioning coach, and prolific author. Her academic journey, culminating in advanced degrees that united educational psychology, school psychology, special education, and coaching, set the stage for her pioneering contributions to the field. At the heart of Dr. Warren's mission is her commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments that celebrate and accommodate neurodiversity. Her direct involvement in school consultations and personalized remedial work with students has been pivotal in creating and authoring multisensory lessons, innovative cognitive remediation tools, and comprehensive assessments designed to meet the varied needs of learners. What truly sets Dr. Warren apart is her unwavering dedication to evidence-based practices. She invests considerable effort into researching each of her offerings, ensuring they are not only grounded in the latest educational theories but also proven to be effective through practical application. This meticulous approach has significantly enhanced the efficacy and impact of her products and resources. Dr. Warren’s visionary work continues to empower an ever-expanding community of learners and educators, bridging gaps and fostering an environment where education is not just a process, but a transformative journey.

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5 star rating


Amy Juneau

"As a former homeschooling mom turned educator, Snap Clap has been a lifesaver. This game has helped me reach students, even those struggling with basic skil...

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"As a former homeschooling mom turned educator, Snap Clap has been a lifesaver. This game has helped me reach students, even those struggling with basic skills like digit span and phonological awareness. Being able to 'tap clap' when snapping is challenging has made this game incredibly versatile and effective in my teaching journey. What's truly impressive is how this game effortlessly incorporates executive functioning skills into group learning, making it not only easy but also fun. Dr. Warren's activities have been invaluable in 1:1 settings, but Snap Clap has added a new dimension to my approach, promoting executive functioning within a collaborative and enjoyable context."

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5 star rating


Liz Hines

"Executive Functioning Games are excellent and interactive activities that foster engagement and enhance various cognitive and sensory skills in a fun and en...

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"Executive Functioning Games are excellent and interactive activities that foster engagement and enhance various cognitive and sensory skills in a fun and enjoyable way. These games encourage participants to coordinate physical actions, develop their auditory-motor integration, and promote teamwork, making them great choices for group settings. Overall, Executive Functioning Games are creative and effective tools for improving coordination, rhythm, and cooperation while having a great time."

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