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Welcome to Dr. Warren's Visual Training Program – a revolutionary tool designed to boost key, visual perception skills. Whether you're a young learner or someone looking to sharpen your visual abilities, this program offers a tailored and enjoyable approach to enhance your visual tracking, peripheral vision, and attention.

Role of Visual Perception in Learning:

Visual perception plays a crucial role in learning, especially for young students. It affects their ability to read, write, comprehend, and even interact socially. Children with strong visual perceptual skills find it easier to recognize letters and numbers, understand written material, and navigate physical spaces.

Deeper Dive into Visual Tracking

Importance of Visual Tracking:Visual tracking is the ability to control eye movements to smoothly follow moving objects or to shift focus between stationary objects. It's a foundational skill for reading, as it allows the eyes to move across a line of text and then jump from one line to the next.

Visual Tracking in Educational Settings:Effective visual tracking is linked to improved reading fluency and comprehension. It also plays a significant role in sports and other physical activities, where tracking moving objects is essential.

Understanding Peripheral Vision

Defining Peripheral Vision:Peripheral vision refers to the part of vision that occurs outside the very center of gaze. It's important for detecting motion and helping us understand our spatial environment.

Peripheral Vision's Role in Learning and Daily Activities:A well-developed peripheral vision is crucial not just for reading efficiency but also for general safety and orientation in space. It allows children to be aware of their surroundings while focusing on specific tasks, enhancing multitasking and overall cognitive abilities.

Enhanced Features of Dr. Warren's Product

Based on this understanding, Dr. Warren's product offers a comprehensive approach to enhance these visual skills:

  • Visual Tracking Improvement: Engage with videos featuring a moving ball across the screen, specifically designed to refine your visual tracking abilities, essential for fluent reading and efficient scanning.
  • Peripheral Vision Expansion: Participate in activities that challenge you to focus on the periphery of your visual field, effectively broadening and strengthening your peripheral vision.
  • Concentrated Attention Exercises: Tailored to enhance your attention span, these exercises allow your brain to focus on one task at a time, building a solid foundation for complex visual tasks.
  • Progressive Skill Development: Start at a comfortable level and advance through progressively challenging exercises, gradually building your skills to automaticity.
  • Daily, Time-Efficient Practice: With a recommendation for daily practice sessions, each lasting only a few minutes, the program is designed to fit seamlessly into your routine, ensuring consistent progress with minimal time commitment.
  • Motivational and Enjoyable Design: The incorporation of fun, colorful images and upbeat melodies keeps the learning process engaging and enjoyable, maintaining motivation throughout your skill development journey.
  • Adaptable to Individual Needs: Recognizing the uniqueness of each individual and select between beginners, intermediate and advanced options.
  • Colorful and Entertaining Imagery: The use of vibrant, visually appealing graphics ensures that each session is not just educational but also a delightful experience.
  • Uplifting Music: The exercises are accompanied by lively, cheerful music, enhancing the overall engagement level of the activities.

This product is an ideal tool for anyone seeking to enhance the visual processing skills needed for reading text. With its blend of effective exercises, fun imagery, and engaging music, this product promises a rewarding and enjoyable journey towards better visual skills.


  • How do these exercises strengthen peripheral vision and visual tracking skills?

    By watching the ball move across the screen, individuals can focus their attention on building visual tracking and only visual tracking. In addition, other activities target peripheral vision by offering activities that direct one to focus on the edges of the visual field. The brain is only asked to do one thing at a time, so this enables one's attention to focus on the area that needs intervention. Eventually, these skills can be built to automaticity, so they can be accomplished subconsciously. To build motivation, the exercises are short and include a variety of activities and different levels. The videos also integrate fun, upbeat melodies.

  • How long does this take?

    This will be different for each individual. The trick is staying on an activity until it becomes "easy." Then, slowly work through each level. Practice is key, so make sure to repeat the activities on a daily basis for at least three to four weeks.

  • Why do some activities include a moving background?

    We included a few activities with moving backgrounds to help build visual attention. If these activities are uncomfortable, they can be skipped.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Sign up for a year. If you decide that it is not for you, you can discontinue your subscription. If you have a bigger concern, reach out to Dr. Warren and she will work out a special arrangement with you.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Your subscription will be active and will assess a yearly fee until you cancel it. You can cancel your own membership, from "My Account Billing." Just select "Cancel" for that subscription. When you cancel a membership, you will have access to the content until the next renewal or billing date.

Video-based activities

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    1. Directions

    2. Warmup activity that can be used to activate both hemispheres of the brain and prepare the student for the coming exercises.

    1. Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking beginners

    2. Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking beginners with distractor

    1. Video Based Exercise: Build your peripheral vision beginners

    1. Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking intermediate

    2. Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking intermediate with distractor

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Just plug any standard HDMI cable into a laptop/computer and TV's respective HDMI ports, and your laptop's screen will show up on your TV a second or two later. In addition, Chromecast and Apple TV allow you to wirelessly connect iPads to a TV.


Executive Functioning Coach, Educational Therapist, Author of Educational Materials and Course Creator Dr. Erica Warren

For the past 25 years, Dr. Erica Warren has been at the forefront of educational transformation, blending her expertise as an esteemed educational consultant, therapist, executive functioning coach, and prolific author. Her academic journey, culminating in advanced degrees that united educational psychology, school psychology, special education, and coaching, set the stage for her pioneering contributions to the field. At the heart of Dr. Warren's mission is her commitment to fostering inclusive learning environments that celebrate and accommodate neurodiversity. Her direct involvement in school consultations and personalized remedial work with students has been pivotal in creating and authoring multisensory lessons, innovative cognitive remediation tools, and comprehensive assessments designed to meet the varied needs of learners. What truly sets Dr. Warren apart is her unwavering dedication to evidence-based practices. She invests considerable effort into researching each of her offerings, ensuring they are not only grounded in the latest educational theories but also proven to be effective through practical application. This meticulous approach has significantly enhanced the efficacy and impact of her products and resources. Dr. Warren’s visionary work continues to empower an ever-expanding community of learners and educators, bridging gaps and fostering an environment where education is not just a process, but a transformative journey.


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I can see how this helps students!

I can see how this helps students!

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