• How do these exercises strengthen peripheral vision and visual tracking skills?

    By watching the ball move across the screen, individuals can focus their attention on building visual tracking and only visual tracking. In addition, other activities target peripheral vision by offering activities that direct one to focus on the edges of the visual field. The brain is only asked to do one thing at a time, so this enables one's attention to focus on the area that needs intervention. Eventually, these skills can be built to automaticity, so they can be accomplished subconsciously. To build motivation, the exercises are short and include a variety of activities and different levels. The videos also integrate fun, upbeat melodies.

  • How long does this take?

    This will be different for each individual. The trick is staying on an activity until it becomes "easy." Then, slowly work through each level. Practice is key, so make sure to repeat the activities on a daily basis for at least three to four weeks.

  • Why do some activities include a moving background?

    We included a few activities with moving backgrounds to help build visual attention. If these activities are uncomfortable, they can be skipped.

  • Can I get a refund?

    Sign up for a year. If you decide that it is not for you, you can discontinue your subscription. If you have a bigger concern, reach out to Dr. Warren and she will work out a special arrangement with you.

  • How do I cancel my subscription?

    Your subscription will be active and will assess a yearly fee until you cancel it. You can cancel your own membership, from "My Account Billing." Just select "Cancel" for that subscription. When you cancel a membership, you will have access to the content until the next renewal or billing date.

Video-based activities

  • 1

    Building the core cognitive skills

  • 2

    Hemisphere Integration Activity

    • Directions

    • Warmup activity that can be used to activate both hemispheres of the brain and prepare the student for the coming exercises.

  • 3

    Building Visual Tracking Skills Beginners

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking beginners

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking beginners with distractor

  • 4

    Building Visual Tracking Skills Intermediate

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking intermediate

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking intermediate with distractor

  • 5

    Building Visual Tracking Skills Advanced

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking advanced

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking advanced with distractor

  • 6

    Building Peripheral Vision Skills Beginners

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your peripheral vision beginners

  • 7

    Building Peripheral Vision Skills Intermediate

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking intermediate

  • 8

    Building Peripheral Vision Skills Advanced

    • Video Based Exercise: Build your visual tracking advanced

  • 9

    Other Visual Processing Resources

    • Congrats! What's next?

    • Free Samples

Student playing the activities on a large screen

Just plug any standard HDMI cable into a laptop/computer and TV's respective HDMI ports, and your laptop's screen will show up on your TV a second or two later. In addition, Chromecast and Apple TV allow you to wirelessly connect iPads to a TV.


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Dr. Erica Warren

Dr. Erica Warren is an educational therapist, learning specialist, and executive functioning coach, but tells her students that she is much like a personal trainer for the brain and a magician because she offers fun exercises and tricks to make learning both fun and memorable. She is an avid blogger, vlogger, and podcaster and offers over 150 popular educational publications at Good Sensory Learning that include multisensory lessons, games, and activities for professionals and parents that help learners strengthen areas of weak cognition or academics while kindling a love for learning. She also presents teacher training courses and has a full-time practice in New York, Learning to Learn, where she empowers students of all ages to maximize their learning potential. Aspiring to empower “out of the box” learners, Dr. Warren created a degree program that united coursework and research in the fields of School Psychology, Special Education, Psychology, and Adult Education. With a full assistantship at the UGA Learning Disability Center in neuropsychological assessments, she pursued a doctorate that focused on life-long issues in learning, special education, the impact of learning difficulties across the lifespan, and comprehensive diagnostic evaluations. In addition, she earned a full assistantship with the National Science Foundation while working towards a Master's degree in Educational Psychology. Dr. Warren often refers to her bachelor’s degree in fine arts, “as my secret weapon, as it brings joy, color, and creativity into my sessions.”


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